Mercury @ Machinewerks
1009 East Union
Seattle, WA 98122



Your safety in a fun, diverse, tolerant and respectful environment is our primary concern.

Please cooperate with all instructions given to you by staff members.

Please drink responsibly.

Per Washington State law, we cannot serve anyone who appears intoxicated. If you get cut-off, please cooperate.

Do not bring drinks onto the dance floor, into the bathrooms or over the pool table.

Please watch your drinks at all times. If you must leave your drink make sure a trusted friend is watching it for you. If you have no one to watch your drink you can bring it to the bar and the bartender will hold it for you.

If you see suspicious activity, tell a staff member immediately.

ID Requirement

Members and guests must be 21 years of age or older. Everyone must show a current legal ID upon entry. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Membership Cards

Members must present their membership card upon entry.

You can help by being prepared when you get to the club. Have your ID and membership card in hand when you get to the desk.

If you do not have your membership card the door staff can look-up your membership and you will be asked to sign-in.

When you receive your card, please sign it and print your name on it to make it valid and then put it somewhere where you can access it easily (like your wallet).

Laminating your card to protect it is not only acceptable, it's highly suggested.

You are responsible for replacing your card in a timely manner if anything happens to it, or for notifying us if you do not receive one within 8-12 weeks after applying for membership.

Have you lost or did not receive your card?

If you have applied for your membership card and you have not yet received your card, and nothing on your application info has changed, please continue to sign in at the front door when you visit. The sign in book helps us identify folks who do not have cards so we can get those out to you.

If you have applied for your membership card and information has changed (address or legal name change), please fill out an update form at the front desk in addition to signing in at the front door when you visit.

If you are a current member and have lost your card/your card is damaged beyond use but your information has not changed since receiving membership, please sign in at the front door until we can get your replacement card out to you.

If you are a current member and you do not have your card and your information has changed, please fill out a membership update form at the front desk and continue to sign in until you get your card.

Guesting Visitors

Members may sponsor up to three guests or visitors. The three person maximum is strictly enforced.

Members must arrive with their guests. If you do not, your guests must wait for you to arrive to be signed in.

When signing in, members and guests must PRINT your real name as it appears on your legal ID.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – Do not guest random strangers whom you do not know.

Make sure your visitors have their IDs and cover charge ready. If you've got a large group, members signing in visitors should come to the desk with the specific visitors they are taking responsibility for to sign them in (and please, have first/last name spellings worked out before you get to the desk to sign in).

Dress Code

Dress code nights are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

On dress code nights goth, industrial, fetish and formal attire is encouraged, though basic black is acceptable. Casual attire, jeans, sportswear and clothing that does not adhere to the spirit of the community is not acceptable.

If you bring visitors who are new to the scene/culture, please make sure that they are dressed appropriately before arriving.

Special dress codes may be enforced during certain nights or special events. These will be available on fliers and promotional announcements.

What does or does not meet dress code standards is at the discretion of the staff.


You may take pictures of your friends inside Mercury @ Machinewerks as long as the people you photograph give you permission. Please, ask for consent first.

You may take photographs of the club and decoration, except for the bars. Please do not photograph the bar areas.

If you wish to take pictures with a SLR or professional style camera, please speak with the manager first.

On some nights there may be an event photographer. They will ask permission before taking photographs. However, if you do not wish to be photographed, feel free to gently let the event photographer know.

During certain events, for example fashion shows, the manager may designate an area within the club where people who do not wish to be photographed can congregate.

Smoking Policy

Being a private organization operated by volunteers, Washington State allows smoking inside Mercury @ Machinewerks during member nights and events.

Cigar, pipes, cloves, and herbal cigarettes, and other forms of smoking that create heavy or heavily scented smoke, is not allowed inside the club.

The smoking of marijuana inside the club is not allowed by law.

Nights may be designated as smoking, non-smoking or restricted smoking. Please comply with the smoking rules of each night.